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more and more there is this animal   
07:32pm 22/06/2005
mood: apathetic

Your Birthdate: February 1

Your birthday suggests that are executive ability and leadership qualities in your makeup.

A birthday on day 1 of any month gives a measure of will power and self-confidence, and very often a rather original approach.

This 1 energy may diminish your ability and desire to handle details, preferring instead to paint with a broad brush.

You may be sensitive, but your feelings stay rather repressed.

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come see!!!   
08:48pm 17/05/2005
mood: excited
my presentation
3pm, at Avalon on friday the 20th, THIS FRIDAY. come see.
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YAH!!!!!! RATFUCK!!!!!!!!!!!   
03:24pm 20/04/2005
mood: ratfuck!!
this week i am fucking exhausted from the weekend. exhausted.
but i had such a fun time it was fucking worth it. even the vomiting was fine. and the sunburn. and the weak numbers.

i want to talk to that leonardo dicaprio guy... Ali, you know who i am talking about?? the guy who sang about shiting on stuff?

pictures later.
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fuckin duran duran   
08:12pm 23/03/2005
mood: ha! look at him!
that's right. for free. i know i am awesome.

i've never seen that many people in one room... i've never been in a room that big. the little Japanese girl fell asleep while her mom danced around. how could you fall asleep with several thousand people roaring and music blasting and lights blinking?

this is why you should volunteer to table at events.

other than that mostly things seem the same. all over.
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make descission now or die   
06:54pm 09/03/2005
mood: confused
so, i've narrowed it down to these names

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i'm such a cunt rag you wouldn't believe   
05:44pm 07/03/2005

i can't believe that anyone can just make a person less of a person.

if you say you don't believe in putting some one in a box, don't fucking call someone a slut. that's not really what promted this, i was just thinking about it.
and i like the word slut.
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someone managed to make me uncomfortable even through an internet message   
04:32pm 05/03/2005
mood: anxious
so, i like groundzero so much, but a lot of people say it reminds them too much of 9-11
here is a longer list of names i'm looking at
insidegroundzero (get it? hehe, it's about the cervix)

so keep in mind the website will have stuff on my zine, pandora's cunt, but will also have message boards about diy, alternative and preventative healthcare and tips, recipies and other related things of that nature, info on other women's health zines, possibly updates on protests and workshops, links to other womyn friendly sites, info on midwifery, and info on my other projects.
yeah, that's it.

oh and the reason i was uncomfortable is because someone winked at me through my onion personal which i did as a joke when i was too tired to know what was going on. before i turned 18. so it wasn't even legal for a couple weeks. yeah, he's too old also. and i said i only wanted friends
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04:46pm 02/03/2005
i can't think of a name for my zine's website. the website will have message boards for women to talk about health stuff, other recomended zines, info on resources, &tc. i went through several names....

here is a list of ideas
box of hope (cuz we all have a little box of hope in us)
ground zero (as a refrence to the vagina and all reproductive organs of women being ground zero)
i have others but the thing is kicking me off.
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even jesus won't forgive what you do   
03:34pm 14/12/2004
mood: awake
fuck you, school, i am on live journal anyway.

i haven't really been working as much as i should. i admire people who can work, even it's cuz they're on speed or aderal.

my dad called, i don't know why. i haven't listened to the message. his messages are usually just call me back sometime and never specific about why he is calling or anything. i guess, also, i am afriad it will be about my grandma.
my mom is going there for xmas. i hate christmas.

i can't record tapes. but there was this band from poland, in the 1980's, on radio riot and i couldn't record.
i thought of several tapes i wanna make for people. it broke while i was trying to record social distortion for my dad. i was thinking i would social distortion, the song they play on the radio, and happier joy division, and some ani and bessia smith on a tape for him to listen to in the car.

cuz when you grow up surrounded, by willfull ignorance, you have to believe that mercy has it's own country and that it's round and borderless
i love the new cd so much. i want to make a tape of it and bessie smith and janis and hole.
but there's this brutal imperal power that my passport says i represent, BUT IT WILL NEVER REPRESENT WHERE MY HEART LIVES, only vaguely where it went
i had this dream i was a wolf. green and black and gray. i stayed up late but didn't write anything.
you keep telling me i'm beautiful, but i feel alittle bit less eachtime
i found out i miss no one
i'll shine again
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my shadow...   
04:39pm 24/11/2004
mood: contemplative
i dresses up in black shrouds and a white mask this weekend.
i laid dead while they called out the names. sobbing.
it's so strang to walk behind someone knowing that they have made the discussion to get arrested. knowing that they will be in jail that night.

this week i fell asleep in school, vomited on a plane, sort of indirectly hit on a college student and desicrated the little man on the "men's" bathroom sign. i also worked on the women's health zine.
now i am waiting for pictures from the rally and vigil. i think that the picture of me dressed up for the die in group should be my senoir picture... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

i wrote a lot of sex poetry and now i feel guilty. i hate having those feelings for people you are not with. but i love having those feelings.
04:49pm 18/11/2004
mood: accomplished
i am tired, and... i am leaving tomorrow on a bus, which i will be on forever.

today you're gonna be sick so sick